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Much in the same way that humans are becoming more aware of their own nutritional needs and deficits, they are also broadening their scope to include their canine and feline companions. There are currently are variety of options on the market for differing feeding preferences. This can include addressing individual dietary concerns, such as allergies, or simply an overall improvement in health. The following is a summary of some of the diets available and for what situations they are best suited.

Limited Ingredient & Single Protein Diets
Limited ingredient diets:
    •    One meat
    •    One or two carbohydrates
    •    One fat  

Single-source protein diets:
    •    One source of animal protein 
    •    Grains
    •    Fruits
    •    Vegetables       

These 2 diets are useful because by limiting the ingredients or isolating the protein source, you decrease the liklihood of feeding an allergenic or poorly-tolerated ingredient. 

These diets benefit pets with:
    •    Allergies
    •    Sensitive stomachs (vomiting, hairballs, gas)
    •    An unknown feeding history (strays, shelters animals)
    •    No issues at all
    •    Owners who want to rotate the protein source easily

Limited Ingredient Diets