Raw - Freeze Dried 
    •    Like raw frozen, but freeze-dried 
    •    Just add water to reconstitute

​Raw - HomeStyle
    •    Like home-made dinners using whole food ingredients, then freeze-dried 
    •    Just add water to reconstitute or rehydrate

Benefits of All Raw Diets 
    •    Improved digestion with natural enzymes and bacteria
    •    Reduction of allergy symptoms
    •    Increased mobility in older pets
    •    More energy and stamina
    •    Increased weight control and stronger muscles
    •    Shinier coats, healthier skin, and less shedding
    •    Cleaner teeth, healthier gums, and fresher breath
    •    Harder, smaller, and less fragrant stools
    •    Easier for older dogs and cats to chew

Raw Diets


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Raw Food Diets
Raw food diets include:
     Raw - Frozen
    •    Raw frozen muscle meat (incomplete)
    •    Raw frozen muscle meat with the following: 
Organ meat
Ground bone

    •    Closest to what dogs (wolves) would eat naturally
    •    Protein levels mirror "prey model diets"
    •    High protein
    •    Low carbohydrates
    •    High moisture content
    •    Available in a variety of single-source proteins 
           to support allergic and sensitive pets
    •    Very Palatable
    •    Patties and nuggets make it easy to serve